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Why do I have two different PINs for TalkTalk TV?

With TalkTalk TV you will be given two PINs, your TalkTalk PIN which will come with your welcome pack and your YouView PIN.

Your two different PINs let you manage different parts of your TalkTalk TV service while also keeping them separate. For instance, you can let members of your family or household have access to programmes being shown pre-watershed, without giving them the ability to buy premium content or add to your bill.


PIN Type Why do I need it? Where do I find it? Find out more

TalkTalk PIN

Buy content like Boosts and rentals. Welcome Pack / Visit PIN section of My Account and you’ll see it on the screen. More about the TalkTalk PIN

YouView PIN

Confirm parental controls to make sure younger viewers aren't watching what they shouldn't.

Set to 1 2 3 4 as default / if you had an engineer visit it will be set to the same as your TalkTalk PIN. More about the YouView PIN






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