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A guide to renting films on TalkTalk TV

Exclusive to TalkTalk TV customers via the TalkTalk player is the TalkTalk Box Office, where you can rent all the latest films without having to leave the comfort of your living room.

TalkTalk Box Office

It also offers complete flexibility. There are no membership or subscription fees tying you in and you only pay for what you watch. Each rental you take out will be available to watch as many times as you like for up to 48hrs at a time and the price of the rental will then be added to your monthly TalkTalk bill.

Most new films will become available on the day they are released on DVD, so you won’t fall behind on the latest releases.

We also always try to give our customers the best deals and promotions we can. You can learn more about our promotional offers, and TalkTalk Box Office’s other features, on the TalkTalk Box Office webpage.

For more information on renting and watching films from the TalkTalk Box Office, please select a question from the list below:

How do I rent a film from the TalkTalk Box Office?

You can access the TalkTalk Box Office and its film selection from the TalkTalk Player. To do this:

  1. Press the TalkTalk button

  2. Scroll along to Film section in the TalkTalk Player bar

  3. Select the film you’d like to watch using the Arrow Buttons Arrow buttons then press OK Ok

  4. Now you’ll be taken to the payment screen. Select your preferred rental option.
    (You will be able to choose to rent the film for a one-off 24hr or 48hr period and the price will be shown on the screen)

  5. Enter your TalkTalk PIN to complete the rental purchase

Remember: your TalkTalk PIN is the PIN you got with your TalkTalk rental pack

When you enter your TalkTalk PIN correctly the film will start automatically. You’ll see the charge on your next TalkTalk bill.

How long will I have the rental for?

Typically you will keep your rental for 48hrs. However, you will be told precisely how long you’ll have your rental for during the purchase process.

How much will my rental cost?

The cost of a rental varies, depending on the film. You’ll find out the price of your rental during the purchasing process before you commit to pay.

Remember, we try to reward our customers with as many promotions we can. Find out if we have any current promotional offers on the TalkTalk Box Office webpage.

Can I record my rental?

No, unfortunately it’s not possible to record any Box Office or any other On demand content. The live record function only currently works on Freeview channels.

If I only watch the first few minutes of my rental will I still be charged?

Yes, as soon as you’ve entered your TalkTalk PIN to rent a film it will authorise payment. This payment method helps ensure that customers never pay for anything by accident.

If problems prevent me from watching my rental will I still be charged?

If you have had difficulties watching your rented movie then please contact us and we will try to help you resolve your issue. If it can’t be fixed then we may be able to provide you with a refund.