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Email Settings - IMAP & POP3

Click your email address from the list below to get relevant email settings.

We also have step by step instructions for setting up email clients and an article that answers questions about what an email client is and how it works.

Please note: Some Apple devices may setup IMAP or POP3 incorrectly. You may find that if you try and setup IMAP on your device it could use POP3 and vice versa. For more information regarding this setup take a look at Apple support for this issue.

If you have a TalkTalk Business (including Nildram) email address and need support go to

Important notice

If your email address isn’t one of those listed, it’s best to contact the email provider directly. They'll be able to provide you with the correct settings and support with their services.

Examples of popular free email services are Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, and you can find support on their sites: Yahoo support, Gmail support and Hotmail support.


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