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Do I need to use a specific wireless router with TalkTalk Plus TV?

Yes, to make the most of all the features of YouView we have updated some of our routers to support TV. If you do not use a supported router then you may not be able to watch the TV Boosts you subscribe to.

It is also important that your wireless router software is up to date. You can check this by running the router update tool via the link below, which will notify you if you are already up to date. Please ensure you are at home using the same home network as your TalkTalk wireless router and follow the on screen instructions by firstly selecting Download the TalkTalk Router Update tool.

The routers which are currently supported are:

Router Models
Huawei HG520b
D-Link DSL-2680
Huawei HG532
D-Link DSL-2780
Huawei HG523a 
Huawei HG533



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