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Checking your cable connections for the best TV service

If you have been experiencing problems with your TalkTalk TV service, the cause might be something as simple as a loose connection. Make sure all the cables and leads connected to your YouView Box are secure and set up correctly.

Before you check your connections, please turn off the power supply. Now you can check the following:


Aerial cable

Your Freeview channels are delivered through your aerial, so if you have been experiencing problems while watching Freeview, the problem might well be with your aerial. Make sure your aerial cable is connected securely to both the aerial socket at the wall and to your YouView Box.

Aerial Connection

For best results, we recommend you connect your YouView Box to your main, rooftop aerial rather than a portable or indoor aerial. Find out more about YouView and aerials.

Ethernet cables

If you have been experiencing interruptions when watching programmes On Demand or while watching your Boost channels, like Sky Sports or Sky Movies, then there might be a problem with the connection to your router. All this content is delivered to your YouView Box via the internet.

Make sure your Ethernet cable is securely connected to both the LAN connection port on your router and to the back of your YouView Box. Also ensure the Internet light on your router is lit with a green light.

Ethernet connection

If you’re using Powerline Adapters, make sure that:

  • One Powerline Adapter is connected securely to your YouView Box
  • One Powerline Adapter is connected securely to one of the LAN ports on your router
  • Both your Powerline Adapters should are plugged into power sockets in the wall
  • Both your Powerline Adapters are plugged into the same circuit in the home
  • You have switched on the power at the sockets and the Powerline Adaptors are switched to on

Installation diagram

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HDMI or SCART lead

Your HDMI or SCART leads are what carry the image and sound signals from your YouView Box to your TV, so simply making sure they are secure could help with sound or picture quality issues. Whichever lead you are using, make sure one end is connected securely to the back of your YouView Box and the other end to your TV.

For the best TV experience we recommend you use an HDMI cable. In addition, please refrain from having both HDMI and SCART cables plugged in simultaneously as sometimes your TV may switch from HDMI to SCART, presenting a lower picture quality.

HDMI connection

Remember, HDMI cables can give you better picture and sound quality than SCART leads, even when watching Standard Definition channels.

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YouView Box power lead

If you have been experiencing problems when switching on your YouView Box, or with your Box cutting out, then make sure the power cable is secure. You should also make sure it’s turned on both at the mains and using the power button or switch at the back of the box.

Power connection

Power on


If you are still having problems after following these steps, please check your service in the Service Centre


Visit Service Centre


Alternatively, you can always book a BrightSparks engineer visit where one of our friendly and highly qualified engineers will do all the hard work for you for just £50.